To Unlock any LG mobile, you will require an individual unlock code in order to unlock the mobile to any Network or Carrier.

To get an unlock code for your LG Fathom VS750 is simple.FAthom

To unlock your mobile you will need the IMEI number of your device. You can find it by typing  *#06# on your LG Fathom VS750.

This number is unique to your phone and will be used to calculate an unlock code for your LG Fathom VS750.

You will find a large number of sites on the internet which offer unlock codes, however many aren´t trustworthy.

We recommend the following sites, which offer a large variety of Unlock Services besides LG Fathom VS750 Unlock Codes :
If you require several codes you can visit : for Wholesale Prices
Once you have your LG Fathom VS750 unlock code, you can follow these simple steps below to unlock your cell phone:

How To Unlock LG Fathom VS750

1.   Go to Settings

2.   Advanced Settings

3.   Personal

4.   Slide to right to security

5.  Tap Sim lock and enter code.

The phone is now unlocked

Your LG Fathom VS750 will now be unlocked to any Network or Carrier.

Get a LG Unlock Code

We recommend the following sites to get  the LG Fathom VS750 Unlock Code :
If you require several codes you can visit : for Wholesale Prices